Are You Happy?


Message Recap | 07.13.2014

Speaker: Pastor Donnie Stuart, Youth and Young Adult Pastor

As Americans we may define being Happy in a lot of different ways.  You may be Happy because you are financially secure.  Someone else may be Happy because they have a great marriage; one centered on deep love and trust.  While others may define being Happy as a great job; maybe one they dreamt about having while in college.  But I ask you, are we asking the right question?  Since there are so many different ways to define being Happy, maybe we should be asking, “Are we Blessed?”

It’s a curious thing that we just might answer “Are we Blessed?” the same way as “Are we Happy?”  We may have blessed finances, a blessed family, and a blessed future in our jobs.  Success and Happiness are often defined by the pleasure that you feel; if you feel good, then it’s going good.  But Blessing is not focused on the pleasures of this life.  Just look at Matthew Chapter 5.  You are Blessed if you mourn, if you are meek, poor in spirit, and are persecuted; just to name a few.  Some of you might be saying to yourself at this point: “Wait, I don’t want to be blessed anymore!” “I didn’t sign up for that!”

Here’s what it comes down to: Equating Blessing with pleasure is a tragic mistake.  You need to write down what I’m about to say next or copy and paste this into your notes app…

Blessing should be equated with Presence; the Presence of the Lord!  (Read the example of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 25). Success and Happiness seek the immediate; while Blessing seeks the ultimate.  We need to get this into our heads and our hearts.  God’s blessing on our life isn’t about being Happy on this earth.  It’s about right standing before Him (Romans 3.23).

Hungry for more on this topic? Listen to our podcast at: for the complete message!

And then ask yourself:

How do you define being Happy?  Do you define happiness with financial success, or a great marriage, or even a great job?  If you define happiness as being blessed, then is God the center of your blessing?  Let me challenge you this week.  Write down your blessings on a sheet of paper in a column.  Then next to each blessing you write down, write down where it came from.  I believe you’ll see that your blessings came from a God that loves you with an everlasting love.  Take time this week to do this exercise – I believe you’ll be amazed. Then, spend time in His awesome presence in thankful prayer!


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