Message Recap | 1.11.2015
Speaker: Aaron Taylor, Lead Pastor

My cell phone has become a part of my anatomy.  Well, not really.  It is a fact that I carry my cell phone everywhere with me.  My “smart phone” is very smart.  It has figured out how to grasp my attention and not let go.  How many of you can say that when your cell phone “chirps” or “beeps” or has a ringtone, you immediately grab it to see who was trying to contact you.  In your innermost being, you think that if you don’t grab that text message right away, you’ll miss the opportunity that will change your life.  Oh the madness!

Now, a long time ago, and some of you can remember this . . . but do you remember a long time ago you would be at the dinner table and the phone would ring and your mother or father would say (we don’t even say this anymore) they would say, “Just let it ring, they’ll call back” . . . what? Later?! Does anybody remember that? “They’ll call back later. Just let it ring.”  For some reason, we didn’t know who it was but you know we didn’t really care.

And then another generation after that, the phone would ring and then we started saying something different. We would say, “Just let it ring.  The machine will get it,” and you know, we could all take a deep breath and go, “It’s probably not an emergency. The people in the room with me are more important than whoever it is out there in the outside world.”

But now that we have this, we just can’t stand not to stop and read the text message. And I understand this because I’m the same way.  Now here’s something I have never heard and you have never heard either… “Hey, I got your text message, but I didn’t read it, because I don’t like to read.” Have you ever heard that? “I got your text message, but I didn’t read it because I’m not really a reader, and I would prefer that you call me because I’m more of a talker than a reader, and I’m more comfortable talking than reading, so don’t text me anymore.”  Now that’s funny!

Do you know we have received text messages from God through the Scriptures, text messages that had we read them, most of our lives would be different. Our marriages would look different. Our finances would look really different. We might have raised our kids differently. We would have certainly dated differently. We might have handled the issue of morality and ethics differently. Yet God’s Word is the most important text message in the world, available to all of us and for some reason we don’t read it.

If you want to learn more about Text Series: God’s Personal Message to Us, listen to our podcast at http://painesvilleag.com/textseries for the complete message.

Friend, so here’s what I know: you have been texted from your heavenly Father and you need to read it. It’s not enough to listen to me and it is not enough to pray. Prayer is about talking and trying to get God to do stuff. What if he doesn’t want to do something? What if he is trying to say something? This week spend some time reading your Bible and listen to what God’s text message is for you.


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