TEXT: RYB (Read Your Bible)


Message Recap | 1.25.2015
Speaker: Aaron Taylor, Lead Pastor

Over the years, I have read a lot of books.  I remember as a child, walking to the public library with my mom and signing up for the summer reading program.  Yes, even when I was a young boy, there was a summer reading program.  I always thought that it helped me in school and I know I learned a lot about so many things.  I loved to go to the library each week and drop off what I just read and pick up another book.  Reading was important to me when I was a young boy.  But when I grew to be a teenager, the desire to read anything outside of Sports Illustrated was gone.  It just didn’t excite me any longer.

Then came the day when I bought my first Bible.  Last week I wrote about going to the Christian Bookstore and purchasing one.  My love for reading was re-awakened by the words of the Holy Scriptures.  I remember going to Bible studies and reading Scripture one sentence at a time and meditating on the words.  Those were powerful evenings and it set me on the path that God ordered for me.

Now, over the last several weeks, we have looked at some of the benefits of God’s Text to us, the Bible.  Last week we shared some really practical stuff regarding how the Bible is laid out so that if you read it you will have a greater level of understanding regarding its context.  This time, we will begin to address a question that often gets asked: “Can I trust the Bible?” Or even, “how can I really trust something that was written so long ago by so many people?”

Well, there are many reasons I believe in the Bible.  First, it’s a composition that occurred over sixteen centuries (Approx. 1,500 years) by forty different authors with one central theme.  Next, the Bible is durable. It’s the single most published book in history; translated into 1,200 languages.  The Bible is prophetic.  The pages of the Bible contain more than three hundred fulfilled prophecies about the life of Christ.  And last but not least, it is applicable to everything we encounter in our lives.

If you want to know more about why you can place your trust in the Bible and learn how to develop a healthy Bible reading habit in Text Series Part 3: RYB, listen to our podcast at http://painesvilleag.com/textseries for the complete message!

Friend, reading the Bible is critical if we are going to grow in our faith.  Spending time with God should be a lifelong habit, not a passing fancy.  Why don’t you find someone else who would join you on your journey of reading God’s Word?  They may be able to encourage you along the way and answer some of your questions.

Rick Warren wrote that “Reading the Bible generates life, it produces change, it heals hurts, it builds character, it transforms circumstances, it imparts joy, it overcomes adversity, it defeats temptation, it infuses hope, it releases power, it cleanses the mind.” The Bible is spiritual food.  This week, spend some time in God’s Word and make the decision to keep it a daily part of your life.

Lead Blogger,
George Leonhardt


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