Romans: The Body of Christ – We Are Better Together!


Message Recap | 9.27.2015

Speaker: Aaron Taylor, Lead Pastor

The work that I do every day is that of a writer, and the job demands that I use logical and sensible skills to finish my reports. I guess I could write the company reports from an illogical or nonsensible point of view, but I believe my career would come to a sudden stop. I am often reminded that I must be factual and concise because others will be using the reports to understand technical and sometimes complicated issues. Technical writing can be very boring. But over the last 11 or 12 years, by the grace of God, my skills have been refined. God fine-tuned my writing skills so that when He asked me to begin to write blogs that endeavor to honor Him and share His Word, I would be ready. I continually thank Him for this wonderful opportunity.

I don’t think of myself as higher than anyone else. I consider myself to be blessed and highly favored. That’s biblical. God pours out His favor over His children. He tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. He thinks the same way of all of His children. So when I encounter times when I think I’m something, I’m quickly reminded by the Holy Spirit, that I am only in Christ. I am only a representation of God’s great grace and there is nothing that I do that is singular.

When I look at the Body of Christ, I wonder, what part do I play? I’m a writer, blogger, prayer warrior, and a man of God. How can this be put together for the benefit of the Body? We are all unique and all gifted for the purpose of glorifying God. What is the greater call? I am an active participant in an everyday opportunity to share the Word of God with the world. WOW! I am humbled in what God has opened up for me when the one thing that I found to be boring and tedious was writing. What is your gift or gifts?

We all have a part to play for the benefit of the Body of Christ. We all need to find that greater calling. When I look at others, I understand that all of us have something to offer and that serving together blesses the Body of Christ in a greater way. Now I must confess to you that when God called me to begin writing for His glory, I resisted. Over and over again I talked myself out of obeying. I used such excuses as, “that wasn’t God’s calling…I must be wrong.” It took over 3 years of the Holy Spirit’s prompting before I finally submitted and said, “Yes, Lord. I will go.” (Read Isaiah 6:8) You really need to listen to a powerful message from Pastor Aaron Taylor on “The Body of Christ – We Are Better Together”. You can find it at

Friend, I often pray for God to change and challenge me. If you have also prayed that prayer, you must be ready to respond. The Body of Christ thrives when we have a right thinking about ourselves, others, and about the gifts God imparts on His children. I was reluctant for 3 years. But glory to God, He did not give up on me. His calling never changed and He didn’t find someone else to step up and step into my blessing. Think about this. How do I think about myself? How do I look at others? What are my gifts that God has given me? When these questions are answered, God will open doors of service that will honor Him and bless you beyond measure. Step into the blessing God has ordained for you.

Lead Blogger,
George Leonhardt


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