“What If” to “Even If”


I have heard it said that “Where your heart is, is where your matters lie”. Which means, the things that you are most attracted to; your everyday tasks –maybe it is eating as healthy as possible, getting in a good workout, schoolwork, your job, your kids, the list certainly does not end there. These things are constantly taking up our time and energy. They are what we devote ourselves to. Sometimes, they even consume us.

Not only do they take up our time and energy, but they bring about worry. What if you had to miss a morning workout? Would you be worried because that might be your source of energy for the day and could potentially lead to the breaking of a good habit? What if you forgot to do an assignment at work or school and your boss or professor was expecting the assignment done? Would you be worried because it would affect your job performance and potentially drop your grade? Or, worst scenario, what if a close family member became extremely ill? I am almost positive that would provoke some type of worry.

You see what I mean? Having your central focus on these things is what makes us ask these questions. The “what if” questions. Now, let us take a step back here for a minute. Why do you have to worry? Let’s ask a different “what if” question: What if we shifted our devotions? Shifted them to what? To God, the great and mighty provider.

I am a college student. This is my first year of being away at college. It is not cheap, not even in the slightest. Everything from textbooks, to room and board, to meal plans, and tuition itself, it is a lot of money. Because I am a full time student I do not have many free hours that I can work. Which means no steady income. And the money I do have coming in, it goes straight to gas and food. When I was preparing myself for this new experience in my life, I was a bit overwhelmed by the high costs of this opportunity. I had money saved, but it certainly was not enough to cover the amount of money that was due at the bottom of my first student bill. But now, I am not worried, overwhelmed, or scared one bit about money.

Why? Because I shifted my devotion. I was scared I would not have enough money to pay for tuition. I was scared I would have to be paying student loans for the rest of my life. I was scared of being completely broke. But, one day something changed. I looked to the Lord and I asked Him to take it all off of my chest because it was not something that I needed to be spending my time worrying about. Soon, God blessed me with financial aid and scholarships. While the amount on the bottom of my student bill each month is still pretty large, I am not afraid that I will go broke or not have the money to pay. But, even if I were broke, even if I did not have enough money to pay for college and I would have to move back in with my parents, I would still keep my sole devotion on God. Because He is the Great Provider.

Change your “What if” to “Even if”. Instead of “What if I lost the closest family member to me right now?” to “Even if I lost the closest family member to me, God is still in control.”

For more on this subject of “Worry”, be sure and check out Pastor Aaron Taylor’s first message of a new series called: “Worry Less!” This week’s topic is all about the “Devotion Emotion.” The things we worry about are the things you are most devoted to. Get ready to be captivated by the idea of changing your devotion!


Jenny Bushnell,
PAG Blogger


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