Look Beyond What You See


“Look beyond what you see”. You most likely remember this quote from the famous Rafiki in Disney’s The Lion King. Rafiki is the wise Baboon that gives advice in the film. During this scene Timon, the meerkat, is asking Rafiki where he should go to find a carefree place where he can just live in luxury. Rafiki responds with the term Hakuna Matata, which he identifies to mean “no worries”. Rafiki tells Timon that the only way he will find Hakuna Matata is to “look beyond what you see”. Check it out!

How often do we try to find a place of Hakuna Matata? Some place where we can just live in luxury and not have to worry about anything- paying the bills, going to work, buying groceries, etc. The list goes on and on. We just want to escape any problems or any troubles and think that our lives will be perfect if we do so.


However, there’s a problem with that. If we just keep pushing away all these problems and running from them, is that really going out into the world and doing what God has called each and everyone of us to do? We are told that in this world we will have trouble (John 16:33b). But we aren’t supposed to let that distract us because God has “overcome the world” (John 16:33c).

I not only chose The Lion King to help illustrate Hakuna Matata, but also for another reason. You see, lions have wonderful eye sight; way better than any human! They can see in the dark better than we can. How? Because their eyes adjust better to seeing when there is a scarce amount of light. Their eyes dilate to the new picture when the sun goes down at night. It’s like they can see through the dark!

Isn’t that cool? Think of how awesome it would be to see through the dark! Friends, we cannot see through the dark. We do not have special night vision like a lion does. When the going gets tough, we wish for Hakuna Matata because we can’t see what lies ahead. We desire to run from the problem instead of tackling it like a lion in the dark. We need to dilate our eyes like a lion does to help us get through the dark times.

How? The answer may seem like it is so far away that you will never be able to get to that point, but let me tell you Church, it is not far away at all. It is right here. The answer is prayer. When we pray it helps us to open our hearts to God. It allows the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the things that God is trying to show us through the dark times that we are going through. Praying also helps us “fix our eyes on Heavenly things, not the things of this earth” (1 Corinthians 4:16-18).

Take Peter for example, in Matthew chapter 14 Jesus comes walking onto the water towards the boat where all of the disciples are. Peter says: “Lord if it is you let me walk on the water too”. Peter steps out of the boat, but keeps his eyes on Jesus. When he starts to walk on the water he takes his eyes off of Jesus and he begins to sink. Friends, if we keep our eyes on Jesus through prayer then we are not going to sink. If we keep our eyes on Jesus through prayer, we are going to find God’s version of Hakuna Matata in the midst of our storms (which by the way, is so much better than the peace the world offers). God’s Shalom Peace displaces worry and removes anxiety, fear, and compromise. God’s peace guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. God’s peace is nothing like what we find in Webster’s Dictionary or any Disney movie.

Instead of running from our problems, instead of hiding from them, instead of trying to make excuses, we need to run full force into them. I know it sounds scary, but how can we fully accomplish the will God has placed before us if we run from every problem we face? We are told that we are going to have trials and tribulations, it should not come as a surprise to us, but we are also promised that Jesus has overcome the world.

When we “look beyond what we see” and look towards our King, then we will be able to find God’s Peace in the midst of our problems. Friends, do not run from your struggles, but put your trust in Christ and know that He will handle it and help you succeed in every way He has planned for you.

Jenny Bushnell,
PAG Blogger

*Image from Google Images


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