What’s Your Impossible?


We all have things that we want to have happen, but we think they are just too big to happen. Maybe it’s traveling the world, or publishing a book. Maybe you have a passion for singing and you dream of singing on stage in front of millions. Maybe you just wish you had more time to spend with certain friends or family members, but it seems impossible because of your work schedule and all the other events you are signed up for.

We take these things and we dream about them. For some of us, they are what keep us up at night. For others, it might be what we are actually dreaming about when we are sleeping. We think these things are impossible because there’s no way our human selves can accomplish such things with our current life situations. How could a cashier at a grocery store become a world renowned author? How can a college student travel the world and continue to pay for tuition? How can a business person who works a strict schedule and double shifts (even on holidays and weekends) spend more time with their loved ones? These things are impossible! At least that’s what we let the “how can” questions tell us.

My junior and senior year of high school I participated in a program called the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO). This meant that I could go to a local community college full time or part time and earn high school credit and college credit at the same time. I chose to go to Lakeland Community College full time. One of my dreams while attending Lakeland was to be on the Dean’s list. I had always gotten good grades throughout my middle school and earlier high school years, so I set this goal. After my first semester at Lakeland I doubted that I would ever get on the Dean’s list. The classes I took were not necessarily hard, but they were a step up from high school that’s for sure. My second semester came along and I felt the same way. I still had a decent GPA, but it wasn’t good enough to make it on the Dean’s list.

As I went into my senior year of high school and my second year at Lakeland, I was very doubtful that I would make the Dean’s list (I was under the assumption that you had to have a perfect 4.0 GPA to make it). I was taking this really hard Philosophy class with a professor that did not believe in God. I was also taking a statistics class that I absolutely despised. I figured I would at least get one “B” and therefore would not make it on the Dean’s list. When the semester ended I only had that one “B” in statistics class.

Shortly after the semester ended and I was beginning my Christmas break festivities (basically sleeping in and working) I received a letter in the mail from Lakeland Community College. Almost concerned on what it was about, I ripped open the envelope in a hurry and read the letter. I was in shock. I made the Dean’s list! “How?!” I exclaimed, “That’s impossible!!” After reading the letter a second time I realized that I was wrong about the GPA requirements for making the Dean’s list.

You see, I didn’t just make the Dean’s list because I was wrong in my thinking, I made it because I had faith in God that He can make anything happen, no matter how impossible the dream might be to me. That is where we are usually wrong in our thinking when it comes to our “impossible’s”. They cannot happen with our own human might, but friends let me tell you that there is something much greater than our human might out there. It is the power of God.

In the Gospels we see this one phrase repeated by Jesus over and over and over again. First in Matthew 6:31 where Jesus is asking why we are anxious. Again, Jesus repeats this phrase in Matthew 8:26 when the Disciples are on a boat in the midst of a great storm. Yet again, we read later in Matthew 14:31 when Jesus walks on water and Peter tries to do the same. That’s not it! Matthew 16:8 and 17:20 say the same thing. The phrase is “Oh you of little faith”.

That is us when it comes to these “impossible’s”. We go to church on Sunday morning and praise this “big and mighty” God. We sing about it and then hear a message that supports that, but do we let that really sink in and apply it to our day to day lives?

My favorite Bible verse is “With God, all things are possible” in Matthew 19:26. Why? Because it is true. With the God that we have we can do anything. If you have a dream of becoming a singer, then it is possible with God. If you have a dream of becoming an author, then it is possible with God. If you desire to spend more time with loved ones, it is possible with our God.

Are you starting to get the point? Friends, we need to believe in our God. Not just “I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again three days later”, but: “I believe that anything is possible through Jesus Christ who gave up His life for our sins. I believe that our God is mighty and can make any of my dreams come true”. Let me ask you something, these dreams and goals seem really big to us, but do you think anything, anything at all, seems too big to God, the Creator of the Universe?

We need to start believing God for greater things! We think and believe too small! Check out the opening message of PAG’s new series, “Believe For Greater Things” by clicking the link below and listening to Pastor Aaron’s podcast! Turn your “little faith” into “big faith” and your “impossible’s” into “possible’s”!


Jenny Bushnell,
PAG Blogger & College Student


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