Learning From Jesus: Following The Will Of God In Our Lives

Have  you ever had to make a decision where you were scared of what people were going to think of you? Maybe you were afraid that your family would not accept you anymore, or what if they just straight up thought you were crazy for making the decision you made? These are questions that run through our minds in times where we have to make possible life altering decisions.
Friends, I would like to open my heart this week and share a personal story related to this. Recently, it has seemed like God is calling me into full time ministry, or full time missions work. I have a passion and a desire to spread the Word of God and to lead people to Christ. However, I wondered what my family would think of me? I am the first in my family to even consider going into ministry, let alone doing it as my full time career. I was afraid that my family, and some of my friends, might turn me down and tell me that I cannot do that for reasons x, y, and z.
I was afraid my mother wouldn’t like the idea of me being in full time missions work because of the dangers that come with it. After a lot of prayer, I finally told my mother what had been on my heart. I told her that God was calling me into full time ministry and that it could potentially, and most likely, lead to missions work. I was shocked at the response she gave me. She told me that whatever I enjoy doing the most that’s what I should do. She didn’t reject me because of something that God put in my heart. She understood that this is something from the Lord. She knew that the authority of God was over my life and that I needed to live the will of God.
My friends, and the rest of the community that I surround myself with, were also very supportive and encouraging to me in my decision. They offered to pray for me. They offered me comfort when I was stressed; I did not know which direction the Lord was leading me in.
Now, there is a point to all of this. You see, when Jesus started forgiving people’s sins and doing miracles, He did not get the same reaction from His family and the others surrounding Him like I did. No, He actually experienced quite the contrary.
Jesus’ family thought He was crazy. They thought He had gone MAD for what He was doing. They said “who in the world thinks they can just forgive people’s sins like that?” Not only was He rejected by His family, He was also rejected by others surrounding Him. The religious authorities thought He was BAD. In fact, they said that His authority to perform miracles was from Satan.
Jesus wasn’t exactly accepted by His family like I was by mine. They thought He was mad and bad for the works He was doing. But His authority didn’t come from Satan. His works were not just random works that He did to “show off”. He always worked with the Father’s purpose in mind. Everything He did, it was all for God and from God. His authority came from God. He had to choose between following God or give into the desire to be accepted by His family and friends.
Jesus chose to follow God’s will, regardless of what everyone else thought of Him. It didn’t matter to Him what others thought as long as His ministry was for the Glory of God. Bottom line? Jesus is God.
So when we ask, “Who is this Man?” we know that Jesus is the very Son of God. Jesus is God incarnate… He walked the earth and His authority is fully from God.
For more on this topic, check out Pastor Aaron’s sermon series “Who Is This Man?” on PAG’s podcast to learn who Jesus is and how “who He is” can reflect in our own personal lives.
Jesus is God. When we have big decisions we need to make in our lives and we are afraid that we will not be accepted by those we love, we can know that Jesus is going to accept us no matter what. We just need to be still, trust that He is going to lead us in the direction that He has planned for us, and know that He is God.
Jenny Bushnell,
Blogger, Writer, College Student

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