Waking Jesus


Last week I shared a little bit about my call into missions, this week I would like to continue with that. As I had said, I suspected God calling me into missions. It seemed like I couldn’t hide from it. Everywhere I went it was there. I could run, but I couldn’t hide! I still wasn’t one hundred percent positive what kind of degree I needed to pursue in order to fulfill this call God has placed on my life. Here at Malone there are two different directions I could take. I could pursue the Global and International studies major or I could pursue the Missions and Cross Cultural Ministries major. They both work with missions and prepare you for that.

I spent a lot of time seeking guidance and wisdom from people that God has surrounded me with- many professors, my boss, my friends, and our very own Pastor Carrie and Heather Bodwell. They were all very encouraging in the counsel they had to give, and they all also agreed that I needed to pursue this because God was making it blatantly obvious that He was calling me this direction with my life.

While seeking guidance and wisdom from others was a great thing for me to do, it still did not answer the question on what I needed to major in. I was starting to stress out. Academic advising week, the week everyone registers for classes for the next semester, was rapidly approaching. It became a constant prayer, as it had been all along. I was afraid I would sign up for the wrong major and start taking the wrong classes and end up down the road and realize I chose the wrong major.

I was praying diligently and persistently, but I still didn’t know what God was telling me to do. I was afraid of what was to come. I wished that I could just get a straight answer. I wished that God would make it blatantly obvious which major I should go with just like He made it obvious that I was being called into missions. Jesus was right there with me the whole time, but I was scared of making the wrong choice.

The disciples shared a similar experience in Mark 4.35-41. They were on a boat with Jesus, but Jesus was tired and decided to take a nap. Soon after Jesus was sound asleep, the waters started to stir and the boat began to shake. A storm came over them. What do you think started running through the disciples’ minds? They were scared! They were afraid that the storm would cause their boat to crash. And all the while Jesus was asleep! How could He sleep at a time like that?! They woke Him up and asked Him why He didn’t care that they were going to perish in the storm. Jesus just woke up and told the storm to calm down and ask why they were so afraid. Who is this man that tells His disciples to get on a boat with them and then falls asleep and sleeps through a HUGE storm!? Who is this man to just wake up and tell a storm “Peace! Be still!” and it listens?!

Jesus was human. He had just gotten done doing a lot of work, and He was tired. He needed to sleep! We can’t blame Him because we would probably do the same thing! Let’s focus on the other attribute of Jesus that we learn from this scene in Mark 4. Jesus is sovereign. To be sovereign means to have authority and power.

Friends, Jesus did not care that He was asleep during this storm because He had complete control over what was going to happen! He wasn’t worried in the least bit! Jesus spoke and the storm stopped. Why did this happen? Because Jesus has authority! Jesus is sovereign! He can tell the waters what to do and they listen! He has the power of God built within Him! That is who Jesus is!

In my own storm of trying to figure out which major to choose, I only need to be sovereign and remember that Jesus has control over the situation. Whichever major I chose to pursue, I do not need to worry because Jesus has authority over both of them and will prepare me for the future He has marked out for me. I only need to be still and rest in His sovereignty.

Are you encountering a storm right now? Are you afraid of the outcomes or what is going to happen from the storm? Do you feel like you just want to wake Jesus? Check out Pastor Aaron Taylor’s sermon series “Who Is This Man?” on PAG’s podcast to learn more about the sovereignty of Jesus!


Friends, remember that God has authority over your situation. He is in control. Let that peace come over you while you encounter the storm.

Jenny Bushnell,

Blogger, Writer, College Student



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