The God of the Impossible


We all have things that seem impossible. Things that are just too big for us to grasp and believe they can happen. Maybe you desire to do something, but just the mere thought of it stresses you out because of how big it is, how complicated it is, or how impossible it is. Maybe you are trying to build a business to provide for your family. Maybe you are trying to sell your home and it just seems so impossible because no one is interested in buying it. Friends, we each have our own lengthy list of “impossible” that we dream about. It may be a list we even lose faith over because we just don’t see how it could happen due to the extremity of the need.

Something I have always wanted to do is go on a mission’s trip abroad. To venture to an unknown land to share the Gospel or help out in any way I can. A few times opportunities came up and I agreed to go, but then I would back out. Not because I ended up not being able to go, but because I was scared. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to raise the funds. I feared that something might happen to me. And I was just in disbelief that I could ever experience something so impossible as that. To me, this is huge. It’s a big thing that I believed to be impossible.

As I got involved with the mission’s group at Malone University during my first year, more doors began to open up for me. First, I was called into missions. Second, the amazing opportunity to go on a mission’s trip for three weeks out of the summer was placed before me. These were both HUGE things that I thought to be impossible. I love ministry and sharing the Good News of the Cross and I love people and helping them, but I never thought that I would be called to full-time ministry (of any sort, not just missions). I always pictured myself serving somewhere in the church and helping with outreaches and all that other fun stuff, but I always thought I would be working a secular job elsewhere on top of that. To me, being called into ministry seemed impossible, but God did it anyways.

Secondly, to finally get the opportunity to go on a mission’s trip abroad to share the Gospel seemed impossible, let alone to raise the funds for it in less than three months! After praying immensely about whether this was the opportunity for me or not, I decided that I was going to put my faith in God and believe that I could go on this trip. I spoke with a few missionaries that were visiting Malone as well as others that had gone on mission’s trips. We talked about fund-raising ideas and other things that I needed to do to prepare. I sent out my support letters and talked to as many as I could about my call to missions, my heart to serve abroad this summer, and asked them to begin praying for me.

As I talked to more and more people, I just felt like God was telling me “this trip is paid for”. Of course, I did not have the funds in front of me and still continued to pray about this. I shared with my boss, who also served as my mentor at Malone, all that I felt God was telling me about the funds for this trip. To me, getting the funds was impossible, but this is what I heard God saying to me, so I told my boss/mentor that it was paid for and I was going on this trip.

I came home from college for the summer and had an opportunity to sit down with Pastor Aaron and George Leonhardt on a Sunday morning to share all that was on my heart from the past semester and the work God was doing in my life. At that point, I had only raised about $500 of the $2600 I needed to go on this mission’s trip. I had one week to get $1500 in order to be able to purchase my plane ticket out of the country. I sat in Pastor Aaron’s office and looked at each of them and said: “I have no idea how I am going to raise $1000 in one week”. We closed the meeting with prayer and went on our way to receive the Sunday message.

As the week went on I had received several checks in the mail and others had given me a few at church. By Friday of that week I had raised over $1000. Two donors (who will remain anonymous) had given $500 each. This was how I was going to raise $1000 in one week. But, that’s not all.  I had the opportunity to also meet up with those that had poured into my life at my old youth group when I was in middle school to share what God had been doing in my life this past semester.

It was a cold Saturday in May (the one where it snowed the Sunday after). I had to work the whole morning outside in the rain, and then rush to meet with an old youth leader of mine. I sat down with him at Beans in Chardon and he told me that his church’s mission’s board wanted to give me $100 towards the trip. I was just so amazed because I didn’t even know the people at his church, but they were still willing to give towards my trip. I had a small break to be able to go home and relax before babysitting and meeting with another youth leader and her son (an old friend) at Buckeye Chocolates in Chardon. This time, I had to bring my little brother with me so, I was half babysitting, half meeting. I felt bad for my youth leader and her son because of this but she understood because she has five kids. I began to share with them all that God had done in my life since we had last spoke. I really enjoyed the conversation we had and them taking time out of their busy schedule to catch up with me.

After about an hour and a half my little brother started to get restless and his video game on the tablet was no longer keeping him occupied. Noticing this, my old youth leader closed in prayer and handed me some cash towards my trip. I did not look to see how much she and her son had given; I was just appreciative that they were both willing to give towards my trip. I thanked them greatly and mentioned that we should get together again before I went back to school in the fall so I could tell her all about the trip. And then we parted ways. The first thing on my mind was to go to the bank and deposit the cash into my account so that I could go straight home and transfer it to my mission’s account.

I pulled up to the bank with my little brother in the passenger seat asking “when we were going to stop at McDonald’s so he could get his 10 piece chicken nugget”. I took out the envelope that I put the money in just minutes before and began to count it so I knew how much I was putting into the account. I started from the top of the pile and set each bill on my lap as I continued to count to the bottom. It seemed like the stack was never-ending! By the time I got to the bottom of the stack I was in disbelief. I picked it up and counted again. Nope. I counted correctly. The amount added up to $1000. I wasn’t sure what to do… my little brother was in the car asking me about chicken nuggets, and I had just been given $1000 to complete the fundraising for a month long mission’s trip that I had thought was impossible to raise the funds for. I, of course being my emotional self, tried holding back my tears of joy, my tears of feeling blessed and loved, my tears for the Lord that provides, Yahweh Yireh.

I put the money in the account, got my little brother his chicken nuggets, and went straight home. When I got home I went straight to my room and found my notepad that I kept track of who had given what and how much they had given, as well as the running total of funds I had for my trip. Sure enough, I had all but $75 raised. I called my boss/mentor from Malone and told her what had just happened, and she was also overflowing with the joy of the Lord because He had provided for me. That next week I received the exact amount of $75 in the mail in checks towards the trip. I was amazed.

A week earlier I had questioned how I was going to raise $1000 in one week. Now, I was in awe of how God had taken that $1000 to turn it into over $2000. Friends, I thought it was impossible to raise that amount of money, but God proved to me that HE is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE and that $1000 is nothing compared to His greatness.

This was something that was huge for me. This larger-than-life goal seemed so big and so hard to accomplish. Friends, do you have an impossible weighing you down today? Do you believe that God can accomplish your impossible?

We need to remember that even though our impossible seems large to us, they are smaller than a grain of sand to God. When our impossibles pile up into a “clump” of sand, God is still God, He is still bigger than them, and He is holding them in His hands!

Jenny Holding Sand

Now is the time friends to step out of your seats and to believe that God is the God of the impossible! It’s time to believe that He can make your impossible come to pass! We cannot just sit in our seats and expect to see God move, we need to dare to believe! We need to stand up just like Joshua did and trust that God is bigger than our problems, our impossible, our larger-than-life situations.

Check out how Joshua did this in Pastor Carrie’s sermon: “The God of the Impossible” in our “Joshua: Courage Unleashed!” sermon series on the PAG podcast. Find out how God is actually storing hail in Heaven to fight our enemies and help us win the victory towards His promise for us! At least He did this for Israel… 😉 (**Due to the holiday weekend, this week’s podcast will not be posted until Monday, June 6. We apologize for the delay. Thank you for your patience.)

Remember friends, we cannot just sit in our seats and expect God to move. We need to rise up and move towards what God is calling us to do, fully trusting in Him, and watching the impossibles happen! Let’s be a Joshua Generation!

Jenny Bushnell,
College Student, Blogger, Writer


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