Identity In “The Rock”


I just recently got home from a 3-week missions trip. On that trip we would have 4 hours of prayer each weekday. During one of those prayer sessions the Lord visited me in a vision. In this vision I was sitting in the front pew of our very own sanctuary (at Painesville Assembly of God). There were angels singing from above on the stage. Then, one of the side-doors to the sanctuary opened up and a bright light flooded the room. Jesus, the man in white, came walking over to me. He sat with me and we had a conversation. He said to me, “You are My Beloved, and those angels are fighting for you”.  Then I asked Him, “When will I meet my husband?” and He replied: “NOW”.  After that, He handed me a blue stone to keep in my pocket and take with me wherever I went.  He then pointed to the door in the corner next to the stage that was blowing in the wind.  There were trees and a whole other world on the other side of the door, it was no longer just the back hallway that runs behind the sanctuary. He said to me: “Go!”

There is so much more to this vision, but for today’s blog, this is the significant part I needed to share with you. After having this vision I was slightly confused about a lot of things.  First, it was significant that I was in our sanctuary and not just any church in the world.  Second, Jesus told me that the angels were fighting for me.  This means that the angels are fighting a fight that I can’t even see, but they are protecting me no matter where I go.  Also, in that same part, Jesus called me “Beloved”.  Third, when I asked Jesus when I would meet my husband, He told me “now”.  Surely, I did not think that anyone I had met on the trip would become my husband.  So what did He mean by “now?”  Then He handed me a stone.

Blue Stones

Lastly, He pointed to a door that led to somewhere outside my comfort zone and said “go!”  Where was I going?  The only thing I knew was that the angels would be going with me and fighting for me.

After a lot of prayer and sharing this vision with many I consider to be “Spiritual Mentors,” I believe that the significance of this dream is not something that God just solely wants me to know.  Rather, He gave it to me to share with all.

Friends, when we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are welcomed into His Kingdom.  We are accepted into His family forever.  He becomes our perfect, Heavenly Father.  We become His children.  Our inheritance becomes Heaven itself!  Our citizenship is no longer on this earth, but in Heaven with our Father.  We are adopted into a new family, a royal family.

Not only is God our Father, but Jesus is our Husband.  We are the Bride.  He searches for us. He wants us to know that we are His Beloved.  We are His inheritance on earth.  He is our friend, not just our teacher.  He is our husband, not just our master.  When Jesus told me that I would meet my husband “now”, He was talking about Himself.  Jesus is my husband.  I am His Bride and He calls me “Beloved”.  Friends, He calls you that too!  He is searching for you in the vineyard.  He longs to know your secrets just like you would tell your spouse!  I encourage you to read Song of Solomon.

When Jesus handed me the stone right after all of this happened, He wanted to give me a reminder to never lose my identity in Him.  I am a child of God.  I am the Bride of Christ, His Beloved.  I am protected by angels fighting above.  He is my Father in Heaven.  Friends, all these truths about Jesus and Who He is to me, Jesus didn’t want me to forget that!

So why a stone?  Because Jesus is the living stone.  Jesus is our foundation and our identity is in Him and no one or nothing else.  We cannot forget that Church.  We cannot forget that! He is the rock on which we stand.  Jesus is the piece that holds all together because He is strong and mighty and there is nothing that can defeat Him! He wears the Victor’s Crown! Jesus handed me a stone because He is the stone, the foundation of my life.

It is significant that I was in PAG’s sanctuary because that is where my relationship with Jesus started. That is the one place where I have fallen to my knees so many times at the altar, served Jesus endlessly with my time and energy, and heard the word of the Lord that stuck with me all these years. PAG is my Christianity birth-place and Jesus wanted me to remember where I was when the foundation of my life was built.

And in the last part where Jesus tells me to go into an unknown land, He is telling me that He is with me.  That I am protected by His heavenly angels.  To not forget that my identity is in Him and Him alone.  To keep that stone with me and to remember that I am His Bride and one day He is coming back for me.  One day, He is coming back for each and every one of us who has placed our faith and trust in Him alone.  He has not forgotten about us.  Jesus was telling me it is okay to go into the nations that I desire to go to in order to share the Gospel.

Friends, is Jesus telling you to go somewhere, but you are wrestling with the idea because you are afraid?  I encourage you, remember who your foundation is.  It is JESUS.  He is the strongest and mightiest of all.  He will not let you down.  You have the authority in Jesus’ name to go and do what He is calling you to do! He is the rock on which we stand. Even when the storms come, He is still strong.  He will not be defeated and we will not be washed away in the waters that try to overtake us.

Church, do you remember who your foundation is?  Do you believe that Jesus has angels fighting for you?  This is an “identity-matter” above all things.  We cannot let our identity be sucked up into the modern way of living.  We have to consecrate ourselves and remain in Christ.  I am not saying to never do anything because you are separating yourself from the world.  I am saying that we have to watch what we do with our lives because we are called to Holy living… giving into matters of the world will only allow the enemy to come in and steal our joy, fire, and desire to do what the Lord has called us to do.  We simply cannot forget the rock that we stand on.  We simply cannot forget that Jesus is our foundation, the Living Stone of our life, the Capstone, and the Stumbling stone to those who reject Him.

Because we are like Jesus, and because Jesus is all these different types of stones, we have an identification with Christ that we cannot forget about, but must remain strong in and remember. Pastor Aaron, in His series: “Exiles in Hope”, shares about these various identifications. Take the next several moments of your time and listen to his message and be reminded of your identity in THE ROCK.

Friends, do not let fear overcome you and stop you from doing what the Lord has clearly made a path for you to do. Take this step today and declare: “I am a child of God” and there is nothing that can separate me from that fact (Romans 8)!  Now take the first step towards obedience and live in your God-given identity!

Jenny Bushnell,
Blogger, Writer, College Student


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