Project Rescue & Speed the Light: India



On an early morning in India, 15 little girls streamed out of one of the Project Rescue, India girls homes on their way to school. Their “Didis” (big sisters) corralled them into a beautiful, new 17-passenger van for the 30-minute ride to school. The van rang with the excited chatter of eager children ready for a new day.

Just a few months ago, they had to ride to school in taxis. Now, they ride in a safe, secure vehicle that was provided for them by Speed-the-Light. When they learned about what had been done for them, they began to pray blessing on the students across America who had made it possible for them to go to school, and everywhere else.

The new vehicle has made an incredible difference for these girls who previously lived in the red-light district. Every day, when they board that van, they are reminded how much Jesus loves them, how far they have come, and they thank God for the students who helped make it possible.

Thank you, Speed the Light!
*(Taken from*

This is why we give to Speed the Light! During the month of October we have committed to partnering with the Ohio Ministry Network to help raise $10,000 of their $400,000 goal. We have 9 Ohio Missionaries awaiting reliable transportation to reach the unreached places around the globe with the good news of Jesus Christ! With just one week left to give, we have raised $3,831.00 towards this effort. We’re still a long ways off and need your help! Will you give so that we can speed the light of the gospel to a world in waiting?

Text “PAG” to 77977 or give online at and be sure and write “STL” in the memo so that all monies go to Speed the Light!!


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