I Am A Friend of God


Ever since the fourth grade I have had a best friend. Her name is Allison. Allison has made a huge impact on where I stand with my faith today. She invited me and took me to church for the first time in my life, showed me what it truly means to be Christ’s example, and went on our very first missions trip to Michigan together.

Jenny and Allison

There are countless stories I could tell you of the two of us. Every year during the Maple Festival we would volunteer at a pancake breakfast together. She was with me on my first roller coaster at Cedar Point. We played the clarinet together in band. We have a dozen nicknames for each other. We call each other’s parents “mom” and “dad”. We were on our very first worship team together. She’s been there for me in my biggest sufferings and struggles; as I am for her.

We are now working on year eleven of our amazing, God-given friendship. We graduated high school together two years ago and now attend separate colleges. While it may seem difficult for two people to stay such close friends while being so far apart, our friendship has only gotten stronger through it all.

Allison and I did not get through ten years of friendship by doing nothing. In fact, it was really difficult at times. It seemed at one point in high school our lives were so busy that we didn’t have time for each other, but we always managed to make our friendship a priority;  to do things like serve at the pancake breakfast each year. We went through a lot of difficult times together, but we always forgave each other when we made mistakes and God was faithful to bring us through. Now, we continue to enjoy this friendship eleven years later!

During the month of February, Pastor Aaron has been talking about “Awesome Relationships”. This past week, Pastor preached on the most important relationship of them all: our relationship with Jesus. Now, I didn’t just go on a rant about my best friend for nothing. You see, Jesus desires to have that kind of relationship with us.

Jesus calls us His friend. He is not only our God, but our friend. Picture it: you are part of the inner circle of Jesus! He wants to know your thoughts, your desires, your heartbreaks. He wants to have conversation with you, to go through the hard times in life with you, and to be there for you to lean on. Not only that, He’s ready to share His secrets with you! Can you imagine that?! The God who spoke light into existence wants to reveal the hidden things of God to you!

Sometimes it is hard for us to think of Jesus as a friend. How could the Creator of the world, the One and only Son, Jesus Christ, want to be my friend? I am just a human and Jesus is so immortal. Yet He still desires that type of relationship with us.

Why? Because friends are close to each other. Friends tell each other everything. Friends do things together… like shop, watch movies, and eat. Jesus wants that kind of relationship with us but on such a grandeur scale. He wants to spend time with us and be a part of our lives. Now if that isn’t an awesome relationship, then I don’t know what is.

Similarly, to my friendship with Allison, Jesus wants to impact our lives in ways we never thought possible. If I can be honest with myself (and Allison has forgiven me for this), I used to think of Allison as the “goody-two-shoes” Christian girl. I never thought I would be the “type” of person to believe in God and go to church. It’s funny how God placed Allison in my life to get a hold of my heart and ultimately place a call on my life for missions.

Friends, Jesus cannot have an impact on your life unless you let Him in. Relationships are a two-way street. You cannot just ask Jesus to be your friend and not do your share. I want to invite you to take your relationship with Jesus deeper. Allow Him to be your best friend – the one you tell everything to before anyone else, the one you go to for advice during adversity and good seasons, the one you connect the best with!

In the final message of this series, Pastor Aaron gives us some practical ways to take this next step towards a friendship with God. I would like to encourage you to check out our podcast http://painesvilleag.com/awesome-relationships-2 and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you on how you can grow deeper with Jesus.

Allison is my best friend here on earth, but Jesus now takes precedence over that friendship. Are you willing to do the same in your life? Declare it, “I am a friend of God”.

Jenny Bushnell,
Blogger, Writer, College Student


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