The Test.


As a college student, I am very familiar with what a test is. I am going to break it down in a way that I have never done before. Imagine you are back in school (pick any grade you would like!)… Each day you go to class and you know what is expected of you (i.e. – take notes and pay attention so that you understand what you are learning). Whether it be math, history, science, or even art, there were new things to be learned each day. An average class would look like this:

The teacher would come into the room, silence the class, and begin. He would stand in front of everyone and teach new concepts, theories, equations, and methods. Sometimes (on the lucky days) he would even give an example on how to apply these concepts. Some of these concepts you understand, some of them are not as easy to understand, or they take a little more effort. Right before the bell rings to go to the next class, the teacher would call out some page numbers or hand out a worksheet for homework. The whole class would groan because all of you knew that the homework was going to be based on what you had just learned in class. You get home and mom gives you a glass of milk and a few chocolate chip cookies and you get started on your homework assignment. While you do not have the teacher at your house with you to help you through the assignments, you do have your notes (which you took very well in class). After about three of the problems are completed you get the hang of it and put the notes away. By the end of the assignment, you feel like a pro. Now, you go back to school the next day, hand in your assignment, and the teacher marks it as a completion grade (not if it is right or wrong). This time, before the bell rings, instead of yelling out a homework assignment, the teacher announces there will be a test the next day. At home, you spend hours studying and preparing, making sure that you understand all the material covered in class. You finally feel prepared to take this test head on and conquer it with a passing grade. When you take the test however, you don’t feel as confident as you did when you were studying at home. You knew all the material, but are now having a hard time applying it to the test. You wanted so badly to raise your hand and ask the teacher for help. At one point, you even considered looking at your neighbor’s paper to see what he wrote down. It’s now the following day. When you get your test back, the grade is not as terrible as you thought it might’ve been, but it’s not the grade you wanted either – an 83% or a B-. On the last page of the test, the teacher wrote, “great job, but could use some improvement on some of this”.

Did you ever get a B- on a test? Especially a test you feel so prepared for, but feel like it wasn’t as easy you expected? I have!

Here is my correlation: in life, we are taught certain things, whether it be through Sunday school, Church, Bible studies, a mentor, or just your own personal time with God. God teaches us lessons and opens our eyes to see things we had never known before. For me, throughout the week I am usually more aware of what was talked about at Church on Sunday morning and catch myself “doing my homework” and putting into practice what was preached (sometimes… I don’t always have my notes there to remind me how to do it)!

There are, however, times when we are put to the test. In these times, it feels like we are on trial. We are sitting in a room taking a test and we know the teacher (Jesus) is there, but we can’t just raise our hand and ask Him for the answer – or at least if we do, he most likely won’t give it! Because how many know that during the test the Teacher is always quiet? Sometimes God tests us on whether we will be obedient to continue to practice the things that He has taught us. Sometimes, it’s a pop quiz and He wants to see how much we truly know on the subject. Or maybe the test is in preparation for what He’s called us to do for His kingdom.

Church, tests (even academic tests) were created to build one’s character and integrity. A lot of times when God is testing us, the devil is also right there tempting us. But the question is why? Why does God allow this to happen? Pastor Aaron shares two conclusions that we can apply to our lives on why God might allow these “tests” or seasons of wilderness to happen in our lives.

“Remember, the teacher is always silent during a test.” – God’s Not Dead 2

Jenny Bushnell,
Writer, Blogger, College Student


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