The Storage Room of the Heart


Do you have a storage room? Or maybe it’s a storage closet? If you are like me, you also have a storage desk drawer and sometimes a chair that is deemed the “storage chair” – unintentionally, of course. What do you keep in your storage room? Right now, I have my items for college, an old dresser, old toys, a keyboard, and even some cob webs. In my desk, I have a few decks of cards, coin wrappers, old birthday cards, and some art projects from elementary school. These places hold things I’m not quite sure what to do with. When I am cleaning and find something that does not have a dedicated place, it is thrown into the storage drawer/closet.

When I was packing for college this past school year, I decided to go threw this storage drawer. After I got started, I immediately regretted it. The only items it was storing was junk that I really did not need anymore, but had a hard time getting rid of. About halfway through, I realized that my “storage” drawer had actually become a place for me to hide the junk that I did not want to look at constantly. It bothered me that, for all this time, I was using this space for clutter when I could’ve been using it for something else. After I cleaned out the drawer, I felt so relieved. It was difficult to throw away some of the keepsakes I had in there, but I realized they were holding me back from utilizing the space I had more efficiently and productively.

Our hearts can sometimes relate a lot to our storage rooms. When something happens, we store it in our hearts, either good or bad. Sometimes we store a lot of “junk” in our hearts that can be toxic to our relationships; both with others and God. This stuff does not come from just anywhere though. It does not just appear. It’s usually when we have been wronged or when we’ve given into sin. Things like bitterness and anger are examples of the toxic things that can be stored in our hearts after being wronged.

In more case’s than not, when someone wrongs us, our first reaction is to hold it against them. We end up holding the hurt in our hearts, the ultimate storage room. The longer we hold the hurt, the sooner it turns to hate. It then rapidly increases to anger and bitterness.

The heart is such a vital organ. Through it, the rest of our body receives the oxygen it needs. When it is cluttered with too much toxicity, the heart is contaminated and can often result in a heart attack or other medical problems. It’s prohibited from functioning like it was created and designed to function. It’s the same with our spiritual hearts. If we allow “junk”, such as anger, bitterness, and hate to be stored in our spiritual hearts, it will begin to create more problems.

Proverbs 4.23 tells us to, “guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life”. Church, we need to guard our hearts. One way of doing that is to not store up the negatives in our heart. You may say: “but it’s hard to not let myself get angry, or hurt, about something someone did to me”. That is why we are commanded to forgive,  just as Christ has forgiven us (Ephesians 4.32).

Allowing the bad things to be stored in our hearts gives the enemy a foothold to do more damage. When we forgive, as Christ has forgiven us, we are actually releasing the hurt to God and allowing Him to begin a healing within us.

As Pastor Aaron has been preaching about The Miracle of Mercy these past few weeks, we have to recognize that the definition of mercy includes “unearned forgiveness”. Pastor shares what forgiveness really is and how to apply it to our lives in the message preached this past Sunday.  I encourage you, set aside some focused time where you can check it out and allow the Holy Spirit to work in the storage room of your heart. Remember… it begins with mercy and forgiveness.

Jenny Bushnell,
College Student, Blogger, Writer


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