Missions Update: Any Place, Any Price, So All Can Hear!


Check out this update from Pastor Aaron on all that’s been happening over the past few months with MISSIONS!

“In January, we shared how God was leading us as a church to give $100,000 to missions in 2017! The commission of God is for us to go and make disciples of all nations. There are many nations that do not have an adequate witness of the Gospel. There are many people who have never heard of the salvation that Jesus came to give. Therefore, we committed ourselves to making missions more of a priority this year. Our call is to be His witness both near and far; Jerusalem and Judea (near) to the uttermost parts of the earth (far). In seeking to fulfill the call of God, we have been able to partner financially with missionaries and missions organizations both locally and globally in the last three months.


  • Project Hope for the Homeless: This past April, we were able to give an additional $782 to help a family of 4 stay at the Painesville Homeless Shelter. The ministry of Project Hope is one of the only faith based shelters in Lake County who assist with getting families off the street and back on their feet. We are excited to be able to partner with them in this way.
  • Painesville City Fire Department: In an effort to keep children in our city safe, the Painesville City Fire Department offers an educational opportunity called Firepup. Through this program, children interact with local firefighters while learning about fire safety, burn prevention, how to use 911, and so much more. With growing neglect in our city, these skills are vitally important in keeping our children safe. We were able to help scholarship 25 children through a gift of $75.
  • UNO Youth School Outreach: Each school year, our youth ministry partners with Kirtland Christian Fellowship to reach students at Heritage Middle School. Heritage is one of many schools being reached throughout Lake County. We are pleased to share that by partnering with UNO Youth with $50 per month we are able to reach each school in our area with the gospel.


  • We added two new missionaries to our support group this last quarter. Danisia Ruffin, Missionary to Honduras and Jeremiah Hembree with Royal Rangers International. We are excited to be a part of sending missionaries to share the gospel around the world. In addition, we were able to support various global missions opportunities as well.
  • Home of Hope – Dhaka, Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, many children are left to fend for themselves because their parents cannot afford to take care of them. Through Assemblies of God missionaries, Larry and Sharon Smith, children are rescued from the streets and placed into a home of hope where they are fed, clothed and educated, as well as given the opportunity to hear about Jesus. We are excited to share that we gave $1,000 to help get children off the streets and into a loving home.
  • Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment Offering: On Mother’s Day, we took an offering to support Convoy of Hope through their Women’s Empowerment initiative. This program comes alongside widowed and abandoned women to provide job training and give them seed money to start a business. This allows women to not only take care of themselves, but their families as well. This in turn helps the local economy. These women are also discipled through the Word of God and encouraged to place their trust in Christ. Through a miracle offering, we were able to give $11,152.85 to support this wonderful program through Convoy of Hope!

Thank you for your generous giving to missions! Wow! As of July 1, 2017, we have given $64,239.54 toward our goal of $100,000! We are nearly two-thirds of the way in reaching our goal! Thank you so much for helping us to reach people both near and far with the Gospel!”

Pastor Aaron Taylor,
Lead Pastor


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