“What? Me Worry?”


Wanted: Worry. Looking to accumulate more worry as I am currently out. Please contact me as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Could you imagine a “wanted” ad that looks like this? There is no possible way that anyone would ask for others to send in their worry. Yeah. It’s possible. It could be me. There have been times when it seemed that I was looking for more things to worry about. That sounds freaky. But it’s true. Years ago it appeared to others around me that I was actively looking for things to worry about. It could be anything. It could be something that I read in the newspaper, or heard on TV, or just something that others might be facing. I wondered, “what if I were in their situation?” Ridiculous! How could anyone live like that?

Let me share with you a little story about worry. When my son Brandon was about 8 years old, he wanted to play soccer. All of his friends played and he asked if he could sign up and join a team. I said, “Sure, Brandon.  That’s great!” Then I thought, what does Brandon know about soccer? What do I know about soccer? Well, to the latter question, the answer would be nothing. I knew nothing about soccer. I began to think, what if I were to try to help Brandon and taught him something wrong? I worried that his coach would see something wrong in what Brandon was doing. So, I volunteered to be an assistant coach of Brandon’s team. Yup, the guy who knew nothing about soccer was now going to help coach a team. It was as if I couldn’t just let Brandon have fun. He was only 8 years old. The happy ending to this story was that it didn’t matter what I was worrying about, the 8 year old boys were all having the time of their lives. None of them knew everything about soccer. They knew how to have fun and the result was an undefeated season and the league championship. Brandon was overjoyed. Dad was proud of his son and all of his accomplishments that year. As “Mad Magazine’s” slogan says, “What? Me Worry?”

Worry can get you so upset that you feel paralyzed. You don’t know what you should do or, even worse, it can make you physically sick. I have heard stories from friends and family that had medical issues such as ulcers, high blood pressure, and other ailments because of worry.

Doctors have defined worry as: “feeling uneasy or being overly concerned about a situation or problem. With excessive worrying, your mind and body go into overdrive as you constantly focus on ‘what might happen.’” WebMD says this about “worry”: “In the midst of excessive worrying, you may suffer with high anxiety — even panic — during waking hours. Many chronic worriers tell of feeling a sense of impending doom or unrealistic fears that only increase their worries. Ultra-sensitive to their environment and to the criticism of others, excessive worriers may see anything — and anyone — as a potential threat. Chronic worrying can affect your daily life so much that it may interfere with your appetite, lifestyle habits, relationships, sleep, and job performance. Many people who worry excessively are so anxiety-ridden that they seek relief in harmful lifestyle habits such as overeating, cigarette smoking, or using alcohol and drugs.”

Whoa! Worry is not good.  It really serves to affect us in so many negative ways. I guess this is why the Bible says in Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 6, “Don’t worry about anything…” (NLT) Worry takes us into a place void of peace. If I were to write another “wanted” ad, it would look like this:

Wanted: Peace. I am currently out of peace and would like to replenish my stock. Please contact me as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Friend, worry seems to be easy to obtain. Peace, not so much if our eyes are on the problem and away from the giver of peace. The giver of peace is Jesus Christ. We have someone who cares about everything that happens to us.  Jesus came so that you may have an abundant life. He is always there.  He desires to talk to you.  Yes, Jesus desires for you to let loose of all your worry and place it at His feet. You can’t get rid of worry yourself. You may cover it up for a while, but in my experience, worry will come back unless you submit yourself and your worry to Jesus. It is in your weakness that He is made perfect.  So perfect that He will lead you out of worry and into His glorious peace.

Click on the link below to hear a powerful message from Pastor Aaron Taylor entitled, “Habits of Happiness: A Prescription for Worry” – http://www.painesvilleag.com/painesville-ag-messages/?enmse=1&enmse_sid=2

I pray you have a blessed and worry-free week.

George Leonhardt,


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