Like A Child…


When we are kids, or even babies, we relied on our parents to help us meet our needs. For example, a baby cannot hold a bottle up by themselves, a toddler struggles to put shoes on the right feet, and a child definitely can’t go grocery shopping and make dinner for themselves. As a kid, it is easy to think that you will have your needs met. There is no question that Mom or Dad is going to make dinner. In that state of being, a child is somewhat helpless: they cannot go to work, earn an income, pay bills, grocery shop, and do all the other “adult-type duties” that parents do to make sure their children’s needs are met. They are completely DEPENDENT.

The concern of “going without” is only an issue when kids don’t get what they want. If this is indeed the case, they will let the whole world know by throwing a temper tantrum. But we all know, kids will eventually get over it. When my mom told me, I couldn’t get all the Barbie Dolls I wanted in one shopping trip, I eventually learned that that was not something I “needed” to live a sustainable life. And it’s probably a good thing I didn’t get all the Barbie Dolls I wanted because I didn’t play with Barbie Dolls too long after that.

Sometimes parents make decisions for us that we don’t exactly agree with and they tell us “no”- like when you really want to touch that hot stove. Sometimes parents set up barriers to protect us from doing something that will hurt us – like a gate at the top of the stairs to the basement. Lastly, parents do things that “hurt” us and we begin to question why they would do such a thing – like getting put in time-out for sassing or “accidentally” hitting our sibling.

Something I’ve noticed on my walk of faith is how God really is MY Father and He plays the role of a parent in my life. Paul states in Philippians 4.19: “My God will meet all of your needs, according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”. Just like an earthly parent, our Heavenly Parent has given us this promise of providing for us and meeting our needs.

The cool thing is, we can continue to have our childlike faith in Christ just like we did with our earthly parents; we can know our needs will be met. We can trust God to give us a place to live, give us food in our bellies, clothes to wear, and help keep us on our feet financially.

Sometimes, these things don’t happen, however. Sometimes a need, that we believe, needs to be met never gets met, even though we prayed and asked God to provide. So, we start to doubt because what we asked for, and thought we needed, was never given to us. It’s kind of like what I described earlier about our parents not letting us touch the hot stove and crawl down the basement stairs.

Maybe, just maybe, the God of the Universe that calls all things to order doesn’t think we need this particular thing we are asking for. OR, maybe He is giving it to us in a way we did not expect. It is hard to accept that God might have a better plan for us, but we must learn to trust our Creator and know that He is Faithful when it comes to keeping His promises.

When I was a kid, my sister and my cousin went to the log cabin on Chardon Square for a VBS one fall morning. I was too young to go. When they got back in the car, they brought a cassette with several Bible songs they learned. It was called, “Lord Teach Me To Pray” and it put Bible verses into a memorable song. My mom played it in the cassette player in our mini-van and we headed home. I still remember several of those songs to this day. One of them goes like this:

“And my God will meet all of my needs / According to / His glorious riches / In Christ Jesus / In Christ Jesus / Philippians four nineteen.”

I could sing that song over and over again for hours, but will it do me any good unless I actually believe it? Church, we are called to be a people that trusts the Lord. We are called to be a people who knows, and has faith, that our God keeps His promises. Pastor’s concluding message in the “Habits of Happiness” series is about this very thing! He teaches us the premise and the promise of Philippians 4.19 and the importance of trusting our God with what He has said!

Take a moment after you have listened to this podcast and seek God with childlike Faith.

Have a great rest of the week!
Jenny Bushnell


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