Bringing the Kingdom


Last week I had a presentation in my Cultural Geography and Globalization class. I had to choose any country in the world, research the history, geography, demographics, cultural information, and economic/social development. Naturally, I chose the country of Nepal because that is where my heart is. When I arrived at the history part, it was very confusing for me. This particular country does not have a democracy with a president, a House of Representatives and a Senate. This country had a king; a monarchy. That is something that is so unfamiliar to me. And maybe it is to you too.

The only king I really know about is Jesus. If Jesus is a king, then what is His kingdom like?  To answer that we have to consider where Jesus resides. In Heaven, of course. His throne is in Heaven. That means one thing and one thing only: when Jesus came to earth, He left His throne room. He left Heaven to be with us, and more importantly, to die for us.

What kind of King does that? What kind of King steps down from His throne, knowing that He is going to die? Yes, He rose and conquered death altogether, so shouldn’t that authenticate His power?  Um, yes!! The resurrection confirms that Jesus is a king with power over all things, including the one thing all mankind fears, death.

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, however, He commissioned His people with a special command: go to all nations and make disciples (Matthew 28.19-20). What a command! First, I would like to point out how this command proves Jesus’ love for us. The fact that He wants ALL nations to be His disciples means He wants all of us to be saved. He wants to be the king of our heart. What this tells me is God’s kingdom is not relegated to territory or plots of land, but men’s hearts. God’s kingdom is RELATIONAL. Second, we are “the chosen ones”. We are the ones that are called to help carry out this command. We are the ones that are called to be ambassadors and bring the Kingdom of God to the unreached people of the world. We get to share the best news ever!!

Now, this may look differently for different people. It may mean having a job in your own country such as nursing, teaching, law, sales, etc. It might mean being a minister working directly at a church. It might mean selling all you have and going to a foreign land to share the Gospel with the disenfranchised. We are all called to participate in this movement one way or another. Being called to work in our homeland and share Christ with those here may mean praying and giving towards overseas missions endeavors. Being an overseas missionary may mean interceding for the ministries back home. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, you have an important role in bringing the Kingdom of God to those in your sphere of influence. I want to repeat that…

You have an important role in bringing the Kingdom of God to your sphere of influence.

Say it out loud. Yell it from the top of your lungs. You have been given Christ’s authority to share His amazing love with the world! It is up to you how you choose to be obedient in doing so.

Since this whole kingdom thing can be a bit difficult to understand, Pastor Aaron does an excellent job breaking down the kingdom’s functions and bringing a foundation for missions in his sermon series, “Unfinished”.  Be sure to take the next forty-five minutes or so to listen! Pull up the PAG APP and click on media and let it play in your car while you run errands. Listen to it during your daily exercise, while you are cooking dinner, etc. Just listen! I really encourage you to take the next step and go deeper because knowing about God’s kingdom will help you BRING God’s kingdom! Before we can bring it, we have to know what we are bringing!

See you on the mission field!
Jenny Bushnell


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