Sunday Supper


Sunday Supper was something that was very important when I was growing up.  Gathering around the table with family and sharing a meal was something that I looked forward to as a young boy.  The words Sunday Supper had one meaning to me.  That meaning, or should I say the reason it was important to me, was that I’d be able to eat what smelled so good as it was cooking.

Mom cooked our meal from what we had, but the smells of a piece of meat roasting in the oven are still memorable to this day.  If I sit still and close my eyes I can relive those days and smell the Sunday meal.

I took some time to look up the Best Smells of the World.  Scientists have found that smell is the sense that’s most tied into memory, and this makes one contemplate the possibility that a person’s favorite smell is tied into a favorite memory. Whether it’s your mother cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning, or the memory of a beach vacation, these sense memories are waiting in your subconscious to be awakened with one sniff of a candle. All of the scents and pleasant odors on this list of the best smells in the world are connected to important parts of life, and you likely feel the same way about more than one of these smells on this list.  Here we go:

10. – A Sea Breeze
9. – Barbecue
8. – Freshly Popped Popcorn
7. – Cinnamon Rolls
6. – Freshly Ground Coffee
5. – Bacon Frying
4. – Freshly Baked Bread
3. – Vanilla
2. – Cookies Fresh from the Oven

And the #1 smell according to this survey is “After it Rains”.

Of the 81 items on this list, a roasting piece of beef in the oven doesn’t even make the list, but the smell of permanent markers does come in at #45.  Why would our teachers and parents tell us not to do that if it made the list of Top Smells?

My point is this, when I was a young boy, the smells of mom’s cooking had great impact on me.  I found comfort and joy in those smells, but even more so in the finished product. Mom made a great roast beef dinner.  Sunday Supper was something I worshiped.  As I grew older, the things that I worshiped changed, naturally.  I thought less of mom’s cooking and more of what was predominant in my life.  I worshiper things of the world that gave me pleasure; that made me happy.  Some of those things were success, bragging rights, and being on top of the mountain.  I had the desire to be the best and worked very hard to achieve it.  I’d have to say that I was wired to worship the things of this world.

Did you know that God Himself has wired each and every one of us to worship.  As His creation all of us have been made to glorify God.  Whether we know this, or even believe this, doesn’t matter.  The Bible says in Romans 11:36, “For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.” We have been created and wired to worship.  The question is not whether we will worship or not worship.  The real question is who or what will we worship?

I’m not telling you that all of the things I worshiped were good for me.  Some choices I made, I suffered from.  When my back was to the wall and things were not going well, what did I do?  I regressed to those things that made me feel good; feel like I was in control.  Old idols in my life that I thought poured into me… like greed, deceit, alcohol and drugs, were not satisfying me.  I was choosing my gods and bringing my offerings.  At the end, the real offering was me.  I was burning up on the altar of sacrifice.  Remember this: “Worship is our response to what we value most.”

Today I can tell you that I choose life and the Lord Himself.  It’s really the final option for me. In the Bible, Joshua chose the same and spoke to the Israelite’s saying, “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve,” Would they choose to serve Almighty God or would they choose the golden calf.  There are always options when we choose anything.  Again, it’s what’s important to us.  Other options may look better; even more promising, but they don’t satisfy and quench our thirst.  When the deck is stacked against me, I can now say as Joshua said, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD” (Josh. 24:15).

Friend, what are you worshiping?  What is so important to you that you find yourself placing all of who you are into it?

Everybody worships something.  You know what you worship when you examine where you sacrifice.  What do you sacrifice your time and money for?  What gets your attention and focus?  Is your relationship with God a priority in your life or is it part of a list of Top Ten items?  This week, let’s examine our hearts and ask the Lord to reveal any idols that may lie in our hearts and stand in the way of us fully worshiping the Lord.

Grace and peace to you this week,


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